Street Photography Exhibition

by jonnywhitlam

These are the shots I chose for the exhibition at FUC Bar from 27th Nov – 3rd Dec.

These shots have all featured on the site before, but nevertheless I hope you like them.

Montréal, April 2012

Paris, November 2012

Pannierstraße, Berlin, October 2012

Kensington Market, Toronto, April 2012

Pannierstraße, Berlin, September 2012

Christianshavn, Copenhagen, July 2011

Paris, November 2012

Paris, November 2012

Ostkreuz, Berlin, September 2011

Maybach Ufer, Berlin, September 2012

Hansaplatz, Berlin, December 2011

Chester Station, Toronto, December 2011

Nansenstraße, Berlin, September 2012

Nansenstraße, Berlin, September 2012