VEB Chemiewerk Coswig

by jonnywhitlam

Now, I could write all about the very little I know about this place, but I think it would be much more pertinent to send you (once again) to the wonderful Abandoned Berlin where you can enjoy ‘Irish Berliner’s’ research and write up on the factory.

What I will say is that exploring this factory was utterly fantastic. The buildings themselves feel like some of the biggest I’ve ever been in. Creeping in through a gap in the fence via a disused rail bridge had the requisite amount of boyish danger to it, added to the fact that my accomplice and I spent the entire day avoiding a film crew shooting a clip for a metal band (women in bikinis included). Successfully avoiding their gaze for a few hours made the whole thing even more exciting, add that to the fantastic quality of the light, the most beautiful autumn I’ve ever seen and some unseasonably warm October weather and I am one happy man. The way the nature was returning to the site was particularly impressive, if worrying at times when you could see that parts of buildings were literally coming apart.