7 Steps to a Perfect Weekend: Street Photography in Berlin

by jonnywhitlam

1. Experience kidney pain, doctor says come back if it’s worse.

2. Go to Berlin festival, drink, get down to the front of the Killers.

3. Realise your kidneys really hurt, go to Berlin festival, don’t drink, get down to the front of Franz Ferdinand

4. Get hit by a car, get X-Rays, all ok. Think about seeing to those kidneys.

5. Realise everything is ok, go out and take photos.

6. Freak out, take off all your clothes in front of your friends, cold sweats, cover yourself in vomit.

7. Spend the night in hospital, get told to “come back if you can’t feel your feet”.

So, yes, Friday-Monday have been weird to say the least. Fortunately I had time to grab these photos though! I picked up Elliott Erwitt’s ‘Paris’ on the recommendation of someone I met last week. The book is both fascinating and inspiring, so I’ve tried my hand at some Street Photography. Hope you like it.