Türkischer Markt

by jonnywhitlam

I read recently (alright, on Wikipedia) that 70% of Neukölln residents are either not born in Germany or have non-German heritage. I am one of those 70%. How fun. The largest minority in Neukölln though is evidently not curly haired British men. That would be fascinating, admittedly it would also be quite scary. Anyway, there’s a load of Turkish people here and just up the road in Kreuzberg, too.

Every Tuesday and Friday near to U-Schönleinstr on the Maybach Ufer there is the ‘Turkish Market’ where one can buy any number of tasty (sometimes greasy) foods. Including plenty of vegan/vegetarian stuff, luckily. Whenever I go to the market I normally show up in the middle of the afternoon when it’s so packed you can’t really expect room to move. This is especially fun when there is a man screaming ‘lecker lecker lecker’ (tasty) in your ear from his stall. The other day though I took a group of tourists to see the market at about 10.30 in the morning. It was a completely different place. Quite calm and relaxed, really. Some of the stalls weren’t even set up.

Then the sun came out, and I got to take photographs. Perfect.