Why Even Bother?

by jonnywhitlam

This road is called ‘Old Beautiful House Street’. Who said the Germans don’t have a sense of humour?

(I say that, a lot)

I met a man recently that I didn’t like. It’s not important for me to go into who he is or why I didn’t like him. I met him through work. My job involves being nice to people whoever they are (welcome to the service industry) so I bit my tongue, work finished, and normally I’d never see someone like this again.

The gentleman in question then showed up at my place of work two days later. He said he’d seen this website, which means that he’d taken my name off my badge and put it into google, or searched on the website of the company I worked with. A little creepy, perhaps, but this site showcasing the art that I put a lot of time, effort, thought and money into is here to be seen, so I’m not picky at all about who sees it.

He told me that there was one picture he really liked, and there were a lot where;

“I don’t really know why you bothered to be honest”

Now this is art, art is of course subjective and everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I don’t think this means people can so rude, though, so I said to him

“Well that’s quite rude. Why did you say that? I don’t like that.”

He then looked me in the eye, ignored my question and my statements and asked me a question about the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Site.

I bother because I enjoy myself, because I make great images, because I make myself and others happy with those images, and because I hope one day I’ll make a living as an artist.

So Rude Man, while you’re creeping about making judgements about strangers, I hope you read this.