Sometimes I Go to Airports

by jonnywhitlam

But I don’t go travelling.

It’s just part of being a tour guide really. Still, Tegel isn’t bad looking as far as airports go. I was inspired to take these photos by a post on the Finding Berlin website. The airstrips at Tegel were built between 1948 and 1949 when Berlin was occupied by the Americans, British, French and Soviets before the official division of Germany into two states. Their original purpose was to allow planes to land in West Berlin during the Berlin Airlift – a military operation under the Western Allies that kept West Berlin alive purely by air for almost an entire year.

During the Cold War, when West Berlin was separated from the rest of the world by the Berlin Wall Tegel served as one of West Berlin’s two airports (with the now defunct Berlin-Tempelhof). Tegel seems to have been designed around the use of triangles and hexagons, so everything is at what seems to be 60 and 120 degrees. It’s oddly beautiful – a good rule for Berlin I suppose.

Tegel is due to close in March following the opening of Berlin-Brandenburg International (BER).