Film Class on the Balcony

by jonnywhitlam

That titles makes my life sound a fair bit more interesting than it is. The house I’m staying in temporarily in Toronto has a fantastic balcony, South facing, high above all the rest. Perfect. I’ve always wanted a balcony, and now I think wherever else I live I’ll always want this one.

Anyway, we’ve had far more sun than anyone expected, so using the 35mm camera (AE-1 Program) has been really easy. In fact I think I’ll be able to go down to something a bit slower than the ISO 400 film that’s been made a necessity by all the clouds. I think my film photography has reached a really similar stage to my digital photography very quickly (they are both SLR cameras after all) so maybe after this I’ll stop pointing out which camera I used.

These two photos were taken on different days at different times, so that’s why the shadows are facing different directions. I think they sit together really well though. These are two photos that have definitely entered the ‘print one day’ category for me though. I’d love to see these in 20″ x 30″.

Enjoy the sun!