Please Hold Handrail

by jonnywhitlam

Two public transport photos in one week. I need to get a bike sorted out. Bikes and subways. Is it weird that I seem to take photos of these two things all the time?

Also, whilst this sign is fairly unobtrusive and sensible (if a little patronising) I love the amount of signage in Toronto. I mean, I find it funny. It’s over the top. Walk down any street and there’s a sign for absolutely everything. They always seem to have too many words in, too. Maybe living in Germany without really speaking German allowed to me to ignore a lot of things, maybe the Torontonians are over the top. Who knows.

Anyway, I really liked the lighting here. The image hasn’t been toyed with, it came straight out of the camera. The typeface is really nice too, anyone know what that is? I should email the TTC. Perhaps such a question will make someone’s day at the office; “who has so much time that this is what they have to ask!?”.