S-Bahn at Friedrichstraße

by jonnywhitlam

I get really excited about public transport. It makes me fun at parties.

So it’s back to Berlin for today’s post. This photo was taken on my film SLR. This camera is fantastic. Such a nice way of working. It’s really making me want a full-frame DSLR, something like the 5D mk 2 now it’ll be coming down in price – or the mk 3 if I win the lottery (must buy a ticket!).

For some reason I’m really drawn to this shot. I know it’s a little grainy, I know the weather isn’t great, and I know you can’t even see the top of the TV tower, but for some reason, for me everything comes together nicely. The train is the Berlin S-Bahn, the faster trains that run through the middle of the city, leaving Friedrichstraße station. This station was once a border crossing point between East and West Berlin. There’s a great museum right next to the station in a building erected by the East Germans to serve as customs for Westerners visiting the East. It’s free, too.