by jonnywhitlam

Liebe hauptstadt, tschüßi!

If it says ‘Toronto’ then why is everything from Berlin?

Well, I started this blog in 2010 when I’d finished university and I was unemployed. I had no money, of course, not just from the lack of having a job but from a couple of months travelling Europe, from Stockholm to Istanbul over land, followed by a short trip home to the UK and two weeks in Norway. It was after this that I started writing a few things up, they got some good attention and I was happy. By November 2010 I moved to Berlin, started working as a tour guide, and by Summer 2011 this blog had become a major hobby for me.

So, after falling in love with a lovely lady, I have moved to Toronto, and so that is where my new pictures will be from. I hope to learn as much about this city as I did about Berlin. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Note: My current work visa status is pending and conditional. Toronto could only be temporary.

Yeah, they’ve got a weird looking tower here, too!

More to come over the next days and weeks.