First Time With Film

by jonnywhitlam

I have officially left Berlin. This blog is soon to change, so I can show you somewhere else. There are plans to make a new career in a new town (extra points for the Berlin reference in that sentence). However, everything’s not quite as in place as it could be for me, so the details aren’t yet ready to be divulged.

In my last days in Berlin though I bought a Canon AE-1 Program SLR camera. Everything I do is digital, mostly with a Canon 500D. Using film over the last couple of weeks has been fun. The whole process of ‘not knowing’, of taking less photos and thinking more about what I’m doing has really been great. I thought it would change how I use my DSLR, and whilst it hasn’t yet, maybe it will.

I destroyed my first roll of film. This is the second. I’ve a couple more I’m waiting to develop at a later date so it’ll be all nostalgic and that. Anyway, I buggered up roll two a little so I only got 34 photos instead of 36, I picked out 12 below that I reckon are pretty cool. They’ve only been scanned, so there’s no digital processing whatsoever. I didn’t shoot with any theme other than getting used to using my new camera. It’s interesting for me, I see my ‘style’ in them, and of course as any artist knows with their own work, I see about 100 things I’d change as well.

So I obviously took all of these photos on the greyest days possible. Early days though (and I was excited!), so hopefully they’ll be of a bit higher quality in the future. Either way, here they are.