Siemensstadt Abandoned S-Bahn

by jonnywhitlam

Siemensstadt (Siemans Town) was built by the famous German company, Siemans, in the 1920s. It’s in the north west of Berlin and today it is a Unesco World Heritage Site. As far as Unesco sites go though, unless you’re into the kind of architecture necessitated by rampant industrialism in the 1920s, don’t get too excited.

Almost 100 years ago this place was kind of like ‘the city of the future’. It’s weird that I don’t particularly like it though, when I visited a similar kind of place from the 1960s (also in the rain…) I fell in love with it. I have to admit that I found Siemansstadt a little depressing. It just seems that this place has never recovered after 1945. It was practically impossible to bring large scale industry to West Berlin during the Cold War, and as this entire estate was built purely to service the factories around it, it now has the essence of a ghost town. I guess in reality it’s probably a fairly cheap place to live for those that work in Berlin’s (also fairly maligned) city centre.

The strangest thing about this place for me, is that it used to be connected to the S-Bahn, 3 stations coming off from the Ringbahn station Jungfernheide. Since worker strikes in 1980 stopped service on this line it’s never been continued. This is likely due o the mammoth U7 U-Bahn line opening at around the same time, theoretically making the S-Bahn convenient if not necessary.

So now the stations and tracks make a cool place to explore.