A New Project Space and the Abandoned Christmas Trees

by jonnywhitlam

I seem to put out a particular style of photography that works for me. It’s a style that’s developed for some reason, and it works for me. Sometimes though an image on its own isn’t enough. So I set up a Tumblr (http://jonnywhitlamphotography.tumblr.com/) account to put my longer-running projects on. So on to the first one;

Christmas is over, and you have to love the Berliner’s method for getting rid of your Christmas Tree. Just leave it out on the street, no problem. A friend pointed this out to me last year, so this year as a kind of tribute to him I’ve been taking pictures of every one I’ve seen, which is over 50 so far. That’s an awful lot given I’ve not been looking for them. So I dunno, I think it’s kind of sad in a way, add these abandoned trees to the rain and the gloom and it’s kind of morbid in its own way… I find it kind of funny as well. The Berliners certainly seem to find it funny watching me snap pictures of all of these things, too.