The Top of Neukölln Arcaden’s Car Park

by jonnywhitlam

With a title that exciting how can you stop yourself from reading on?

Another one from the great ‘111 Places You Must See in Berlin‘ that took me to the Hansaviertel only 5 days ago brought me here today. To put it simply [and boringly] I had to go and grab a few things from the supermarket. Dull, hey? So I decided to check the book, and lo and behold one the 111 things (all of them free) was on top of the shopping centre. A friend and I took the elevator to the 5th level, then had to step over a route that had been chained off to get up to the 6th. How verboten. Neukölln hipsters beware.

The view was honestly fantastic. It made Neukölln look and feel completely different. Somehow more quaint.

I guess these photos have a bit much noise. I’ll have to go back next time I need beans!