Put Simply: Get It Done

by jonnywhitlam


As a result of getting my first exhibition this summer I tried to post a new photo on this site every day. I always make these goals and have these ideas and never really expect to keep them, so yeah, I missed a couple of days here and there, but I was really happy with what I achieved. The site also got a lot more interest, my Flickr account got way more hits, I was featured on Freshly Pressed (WordPress’ main page). I was pretty happy with things.

However, I don’t want to post just for the sake of it. With the cold of winter, the rain we’ve been having and working in all the daylight hours I’ve been taking less photos. You might have noticed that the previous sentence was a whole lot of whining. If you want to do something then do it. So I’ve decided then: sod the rain I’m going out and doing what I like.

Yesterday I went to C O Berlin to see the excellent Ron Galella exhibition, whilst today I went to the Martin Gropius Bau and took a look at what Ai Weiwei was doing in New York through 1983-1993. On top of this I’ve worked both days, took in two of the weirder Christmas markets (more on that another time) and taken a few [mostly not so good] photos.

I’m not trying to brag, I’m actually really damn tired, I think I’m trying to say that my pictures aren’t going to make themselves, it’s only me that wants them produced, so I’ll have to stop moaning about it and just get it done.

So yes, I was on Ohlauer Str. walking to my favourite curry house (Indian Dhaba Mira on Pannierstr.) and I looked up to see this washing machine hanging in the sky advertising the launderette next to me. I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before. I even used this launderette when I was staying in Kreuzberg. I think it’s a pretty good idea – tells you what it is and where it is. I respect that in a sign. You are now reading about what I respect in a sign. I think I’ve been writing too much. Sorry if you’ve read this far. Do I really still have your attention? Hope you like the picture. Sorry for the rant. Cheers.