A Sign of Things to Come

by jonnywhitlam

A sign of things to come.

I’ve been out of Berlin for a couple of weeks. I’m due to return this weekend, but before I go home I’ve decided to redesign the site a little. In fact; I’ve decided to redesign my life  a bit, too. I’ll be doing my best to produce more photography and to make it a bit more focused. Hopefully this will allow me to get more involved in twitter and blogging, and best of all – to work less.

So here’s a photo from last winter [Dec 30]. Bikes are always a weakness of mine, I suppose the way they’re just left around to be battered and beaten shows part of the real essence and atmosphere of the city. This poor guy is the reason I put my bike inside before I went away, though as I hear it the snow hasn’t hit Berlin just yet and December has been thankfully mild.

Also the site [hopefully] obviously looks different. I always preview new themes and this is the first time in way over a year I’ve actually gone with one. I felt there was a little much clutter before so I’ve tried to thin it all out and make the images the real focus. On that note why are you even reading this?

Thoughts and opinions appreciated as always.