Berlin Doesn’t Love You

by jonnywhitlam

Berlin Doesn't Love You

A lot has been made of these stickers and the whole statement that goes with them. Anti-gentrification, anti-tourism etc. To be honest I see the anti-gentrification argument; people like how Berlin is, it’s run down, it’s alternative, dirty weird and cheap. People here like this. I think Berliners need to readress their hatred for tourists though. Tourists stick to Mitte. That’s fine. Some of them escape in search of the ‘real’ Berlin, and yes, some of them are annoying. But we need them. Me more than most admittedly, I work in tourism, but owing to the division of Berlin the Eastern half needs “restructuring” (to quote the German tax) and the West was, for 40 years, a financially unviable middle finger to communism everywhere. Industry has not made it back to Berlin. The ‘fabrikstadt‘ of the Kaisers’ is gone. So Berlin might not love them, but Berlin needs the tourists.

That, or I’m just a big enough part of the problem that I don’t like admitting it.