Behind the Russian Embassy

by jonnywhitlam

Behrenstr. 6

Walking to work (and as part of my job) I’m often on Behrenstr. It’s one of those places I just go all the time and simply forget about. In fairness I’m often in a bit of a rush when I’m down there. Anyway. Behrenstr. is right in the heart of Berlin’s government district. It runs round the back of the Russian embassy. The Soviets practically built themselves a palace on Berlin’s Unter den Linden following the end of the second world war, round the back though we get to see the uglier side of communism. Pre-fabricated, cheap construction that’s pretty much synonymous with workers’ accommodation under Stalin.


These buildings have never been too popular of course, especially after reunification. Since Berlin is a fairly cash-strapped city, sometimes buildings so central are kind of left to waste a bit. I was fairly surprised to look behind the giant number 6…

Behind the 6

… to find that the stairs are completely overgrown. Mad.