What’s With These Things?

by jonnywhitlam


Part of living abroad is not understanding everything, never understanding some things even though you want to, and knowing that some things you will never understand (such as my letter from the tax office to current address explaining that they don’t have my current address).

These things fall in to the latter category. You see them all around Berlin. Big yellow metal boxes nailed to a wall that look like the most things most likely to give a disease this side of a used needle. Naturally then, they’re full of sweets, treats and toys. For children. I don’t get it.

Now, I’m yet to see anyone actually use one, they’re not always directly outside a shop so it’s not obvious who some of them belong to and some of them even have their prices in Deutsch Marks. I can only assume this is for the infamous Berlin Time Travellers.

It’s not that I want to see these things disappear, it’s just that I wonder why they’re still there.