Architecture in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

by jonnywhitlam

I realise that Barcelona is vastly outside my Berlin remit, but bear with it this is the last one and then I should be capturing the cold weather here in Germany.

Relaxing in the sun.

I found the Gothic Quarter where I was staying absolutely fascinating. It’s very different to what I was expecting, and vastly different to what I’m used to here in Berlin. The seemingly endless maze of narrow streets, the mix between dodgy looking supermarkets, posh cafés, the ‘touristy’ element and the places that appeared a little more ‘real’ as well. So much going on in such a small space.

Decagon - definitely one of my favourites of the entire trip.

Looking up above the madness though shows not just the beautiful architecture of the Catalan capital, but the way that everyone that occupies this densely-packed part of the world tries to stamp their individuality on their tiny square metres of balcony.


Of course Barcelona is becoming ever more popular, despite Spain’s economy looking to be in real trouble. As such this means that there is not only extensive renovation taking place, but in fact lots of buildings are being kept empty so that landlords can speculate; why let a flat at a low rent now when it could be worth so much more next year? As such many people (particularly immigrants it would seem though I definitely do not even pretend to be an expert on the social dimensions of Barcelona) feel as though they’re being pushed out of homes they may have had for a number of years.

Construction takes place on a seemingly empty building. I've a strange obsession with cranes lately. Unfortunately they appear to be fairly difficult to photograph.

Note: I barely know anything about Barcelona so apologies if I’ve got it all wrong – let me know.