La Boqueria Market, Barcelona.

by jonnywhitlam

La Boqueria Market.

So it’s not Berlin, I know. I’ve been on holiday (hence the lack of updates) and of course whenever I’m abroad I’ve got the camera along just in case.

I was truly spoiled in Barcelona, it’s an incredibly beautiful city. It feels a bit more crowded than Berlin, as such I felt like I was always coming across something new to take a picture of. Being a tourist I didn’t feel I could really get ‘under the skin’ of Barcelona to the same extent as Berlin, Copenhagen or various places in England, so there’s a chance my pictures will be a little clichéd if you’re familiar with the place, but I’m certainly not. Hope you like them!

The Entrance

Now, the holiday team were feeling fairly delicate the morning we decided to go to the market. Perhaps this meant then, that this was not the wisest decision (seafood creeps me out), however the place was absolutely amazing. So much to see and to photograph.


So Many Juices.

Juice was the first port of call. A practical way to overcome the night before, most definitely. I think I had strawberry and banana or something along those lines. I’m always drawn to ‘red flavours’. I think I must still be a child. After juices we decided that a picnic by the beach would be a brilliant option, so we went to check out various types of meat and seafood.

Claw Things (any help here?)


I don’t actually eat seafood that often as I don’t really like it. However, I do feel that it photographs well, and I’m always attracted to how fresh the food must be and the general atmosphere of markets such as this one rather than the impossibly dull atmosphere of a supermarket.


These mushrooms looked amazing, I think this photo will forever make me regret not getting any.


Only 6 Euro...

Now, I said the seafood was creepy and I guess it’s hard to argue that the ham here isn’t really. It’s always a bit odd when we’re so used to seeing our food come in neat little plastic packets to be reminded of where it’s really from. I think I might try vegetarianism another go. The ham in Barcelona (everywhere, not just from the market) was absolutely fantastic, though.


So much to eat, and all of it so tempting.

Market Stall.

Despite our Spanish and Catalan being strictly in the ‘beginner’ section (and that’s being polite) everyone was genuinely very helpful, and unlike the Turkish Market here in Berlin they didn’t care that I was taking so many photos.