The Canal Again

by jonnywhitlam

The Canal Again - I stole the only secluded spot today.

I’m getting hopelessly paranoid that every day with good weather will be the last. Call me melodramatic, you’d be right, but anyway. I hopped on my bike this afternoon – which is always ill-advised given that the breaks are broken, the pedals are broken, the seat is broken and the gears are broken as well. I stopped off to visit a friend (and got a free coffee!) and then noticed that the light suddenly became amazing. So it was evidently due for a trip around the canal, dodging hipsters and pfand (bottle-recycling) collectors to get a couple of shots I’m proud of. Of course I eventually sat down with a Sternburg and Danny Wallace’s new book (JFK Internation School alumni, it counts as cultural!)

Chilling Out


This last shot was not just what I consider the best of the day, but one of my all time favourites I reckon.