Down Rosenthaler Straße

by jonnywhitlam

Rosenthaler Straße Eck Sophienstraße


As seems to be a really common theme with my photos at the moment I grabbed all of these shots after work, on the way to meeting a friend. Autumn is on its way quickly with the days becoming more and more overcast, lending well to black and white photography.

U Rosenthaler Platz

I emerged from the U-Bahn at Rosenthaler Platz rather than Weinmeister Str. where I was intending to go and decided to walk down Rosenthaler Str. I used to spend a bit more time around this area of town last winter, so wandering round in September was far more interesting, especially as I was there around 5-6pm, meaning that there were so many people running around trying to get home and pretend that no one else is there.


This is something that I find fascinating about cities. I’m from a village where it is expected that you will routinely nod and say hello to people you may have never seen before. Especially if they’re old women that have forgotten whether or not they should be saying hello to you. In the city though a guy pointing his camera at what might as well be nothing at all is a confusing and weird spectacle. Maybe even a threat! I love this girl’s suspicious look she was giving me as I was capturing all three different traffic lights at the same time.

Rosenthaler Straße

I definitely enjoyed shooting around Rosenthaler Platz/Str. So hopefully I’ll be able to come here in the dark soon enough. I want to leave you with one of my favourite pictures of the day, a bit more abstract than normal. I’m talking about the picture below, of the M1 tram tracks.

Tram Tracks