Spree Park

by jonnywhitlam

Stage Show

If you’ve read this site before you’ll probably know that I think exploring the plethora of abandoned sites in Berlin is one of the best things you can do with your time here.

This shot was taken in ‘Spree Park’. It was built as a theme park in East Germany and became a fairly popular attraction whilst Berlin was a divided city. Following reunification Spree Park caught the capitalist bug as well, operating until 2004 when a drugs scandal involving the owner and his son brought the park to a close. It is now opened very rarely (yet increasingly more often) for a variety of events, allowing people to explore the old rides, creepiest of which is easily the Big Wheel. The wheel stands high above Spree Park, and as you wander through the overgrown theme park you can hear it creak and squeal as it still spins freely.

The Big Wheel

Roller Coaster

My favourite thing in the entire place though is definitely the roller coaster. The way it’s completely overgrown, burnt out and disused is just so interesting to me. Check it out if you can!