Down Adalbertstraße

by jonnywhitlam

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On to the post.


So this is a ‘Späti’ or Spätkauf (late shop). Sometimes it feels like Berlin only runs because of these things. It’s legal to drink on the streets of this city, in the park and on all the trains, too. I often think it’s because of this that Berlin has the reputation of the party city right now. It’s not just the availability or accessibility of the booze, but it’s the quality and the attitude towards it as well. It’s a cliché, but the drinking culture here is much better than back in England. ‘Sensible’ seems the wrong word, but at least it’s more sensible I guess.

Kottbusser Tor

It’s around Kottbusser Tor (Kotti) that a lot of Berlin’s nightlife takes place. It’s a place that is often either raved about for being the best thing on earth, or despaired because it’s over-run with tourists and alcoholics. I have to admit I’m fairly ambivalent about the whole place, we all have our favourites and mine are elsewhere. Still, I often come through here, whether it’s meeting people or on my way home, and tonight I spent a few extra minutes and got the picture above I’m fairly proud of.