Doorways and Windows

by jonnywhitlam

Doorways and Windows

I got a small photowalk in yesterday, just before the rain and drizzle came to visit. I decided to go round some of the quieter streets in Neukölln and found myself taking photos of doorways and windows all over the place. I particularly liked the ones above because their unfinished nature, no paint, no varnish, nothing. I also liked the way that they kind of fit together. They’re almost in a similar style, enough to have a uniform look but still stand out as a bit strange.

Odd windows.

This building caught my eye as well, I can barely even remember where I was but I remember thinking it was a particularly odd arrangement for the windows. I guess this was just a cheap way to throw up buildings that were needed in what looks to me like the 1980s, north-Neukölln was almost a forgotten corner of West Berlin at this point, and being a poorer part of a relatively poor city it looks to me like they went for functionality rather than beauty. Pretty cool though.

A real beauty.

Ok, so hardly the best looking building in the world, but I’ve never seen so many tiled buildings before as I have in Berlin. They’re great or photography, they show a lot of age and dirt really easily, and I think they give a really good sense of atmosphere for the place, too.