by jonnywhitlam


Everyone that comes to Berlin has to ask “what’s with the purple pipes?

In all honesty they’re pretty boring, just to do with the construction process in Berlin, owing to the marshy land Berlin’s built on.

However, it seems the pipes are left on the streets long after they’ve served their use. Some people hate them, most people are utterly indifferent and some oddballs like me love them. I’ve been trying to photograph them properly for almost a year now, but the truth is they’re simply not so photogenic. I’ve tried selective focus, leaving them as the only part of the photograph in colour… I’ve tried loads of things to no avail. Then, suddenly, last Friday on a bit of a mad journey through town from bar to club to bar again I saw this set of pipes, the symmetry, the oddity (just enough room to get your head under), I thought they were great so I managed to swing by yesterday (excellent drunk memory) and finally got my elusive photo.