Back to Devil’s Mountain

by jonnywhitlam

Emerging from the ruins.

This the follow up to part one of my second visit to Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain) a couple of days ago. On Tuesday I realised I had a collection of photos where nature was taking over staircases, so I decided to focus on them. These are the other photos, focused on exploring the ruins.

It’s definitely a cliché, and I’ve probably said it before, but there’s an incredibly thick atmosphere surrounding this place. You can imagine the Americans sat at their work stations and computers desperately listening for secure information being sent from East Germany to Moscow.

To add to the sense of foreboding and drama that surrounds exploring a place that looks like it comes from the apocalypse there was a lightning storm. Teufelsberg is the highest point of West Berlin, and as you might be able to tell there’s hardly any cover here.

The storm moves across.

If you look to the right of this photo you can see the storm, moving over the top of the forest from Potsdam heading East towards Berlin, just off the side of the photo to the left. Watching the lightning and realising you may be in a certain amount of danger should have been terrifying, but this was electrifying in a different way; a friend and I ran up and down the tower taking as many photos as possible, standing right out there in all the wind and the rain and enjoying the absolute absurdity of our situation.

…and now raging over Berlin.

By the time we were going back down the tower the storm had moved to Berlin, illuminating the sky in a fantastic way. This was the middle of the day, but I feel that these shots have a strange touch of dusk about them.

If you’ve read my previous posts then you’ll know I’ve explored the towers before, and they’re definitely the highlight if you’re pushed for time. However, in no rush we decided to go to the roof of the next building for the best view of the tower.

Up to the roof.

The ladder up was a little treacherous, essentially the thing could have done with one more rung at the top, you have to make a kind of undignified leap up there. Once you do, it’s definitely worth it;

The tower.

This lead to only one last journey up to the rooftop, and finally Teufelsberg feels fully explored for me… maybe.

Back down, back home.

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