Nature Wants it Back

by jonnywhitlam

I included this picture in a post the other day. Beneath it I said nature really wanted it back.

Well, I discovered a few staircases at Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain – Wikipedia) that show the same thing. Enjoy.

Up to the towers.

Exploring Teufelsberg can be an incredibly atmospheric experience. It’s not the easiest place to get to, but once you’re there this old American Cold War spying station feels like the set of a movie. My previous visit was in Winter, and now that life has come back to the vegetation around here the whole place feels so different.

The plants are taking over.

Last time I saw these stairs they were absolutely covered in ice, this time nature has fought back. To me the whole thing felt almost as if it would be at home on the set of Lost. It definitely served to make the place less intimidating.

This was my favourite shot of the day.

There’s so much of Teufelsberg to explore, and my other shots will make it online over the next few days, I just wanted to group these staircases together. I love the way it looks like nature is fighting back against all the concrete, steel and glass that the Americans and British threw at this place.