Red Skies and App Testing

by jonnywhitlam

Luminance did a good job of bringing out the crazy orange in the sky, but somewhere through the transfer process I've lost a lot of detail in this one.

These photos were taken a few days ago following a fairly big rain storm in Berlin, just as the sun was setting, making the sky go this absolute mad orange colour.

The images here are a bit pixellated, this is sadly for a few reasons as these photos have been through a lot. I’ve a tendency to be a bit of an Apple geek, so I tried out a few apps that would aid editing photos on my iPad. After reading some good reviews I settled on an app called luminance, I transferred my photos over using dropbox, and then back to my computer using PhotoSync.

Whilst all of these apps were incredibly easy to use – especially luminance for the great results it can achieve – I can’t say I’m as happy with these as opposed to going through the normal photoshop processes. However, at around €300 cheaper luminance is a great option; especially for people like me that don’t do ‘heavy’ editing, just a couple of layers or filters, or more often turning an image black and white and then messing around with brightness and contrast.

So, if I can sort out the resolution issues I really recommend Luminance. If you’re an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad user (or geek like me) grab it now, as it’s on sale until the 23rd.

Again, the smoothness of the colour-changes in the sky seems to be somewhat lost, and there's some abysmal pixellation in the upper-right corner.

So overall there’s a  lot of potential with this method, not just for streamlining the editing process, but also making it more accessible. However, somewhere between these three apps there’s a bit of a problem that will take a little time to fix.