A Couple of Couples

by jonnywhitlam

As I was ambling through a park (when I should have been making my way to the restaraunt) I caught these two relaxing on top of their roof, checking out this fantastic sky.

I wasn’t really expecting to take these photos today. I finished work and had a beer with a mate, then I got invited out to dinner with some other friends. Since I was going near to where I used to live I decided to walk. Since I’d had a beer I decided that I could work out a ‘new and better route‘.

I ended up being somewhat pseudo-lost. I kind-of knew where I was, but not really. But it was great! I was snapping off loads of photos, having a fantastic time. In fact, when I found a road I knew I decided to ignore it, making my second new and better route of the evening.

So I took a few photos today that will make it online at some point, but the two that really stuck out for me were these two photos I took of a different pair of couples chilling out in [literally] high places.

Sadly since I came from work I didn’t have a tripod, as such these photos are a little noisy/grainy. Sorry.

I know it's really dark, but hopefully you can make out the couple sitting before the moon.