Street Corners

by jonnywhitlam


Ä here is one of the ‘cooler’ places to hang out on Weserstraße. People are raving about Weserstraße like it’s the second coming of Jesus or something. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype though, the whole area around here (‘Kreuzkölln’) is a pretty fun place to be; it’s cheap, it’s full of young, sexy people it has just the right amount of pretention (sometimes too much…) and it has that current ‘cool’ label everyone wants. Whether they admit it or not.

One thing I found weird when I moved to Berlin though was the notion of there being a ‘Kiez’ – a small area in an given district where all the nightlife takes place. In Berlin these things tend to centre around just one or two streets. You may have seen in my post from a few days ago that I visited another corner on Fuldastraße. Since I visited Ä to photograph it by night I decided I’d go back to the Donau/Fulda corner as well to see the difference.

Fuldastraße, Donaustraße by Night.

Save for those headlights you may not even know this picture was taken at night in comparison to the other. It’s strange to me how ‘dead’ this corner is in comparison, no one hanging out, nobody walking by, just an empty street corner only a couple of hundred metres away.

The other reason I took these photos is because I was stuck by the symmetry of these street corners, I guess you could see that anywhere in any city, but it was the way these two places are potentially so similar, yet serve such different functions for society that really grabbed me.