Berlin Wall 50 Year Anniversary

by jonnywhitlam

Old sections of The Wall 13-08-11

Today is the 13th of August 2011, 50 years since the government of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) rolled barbed wire around the perimeter of West Berlin. The Berlin Wall was created overnight separating family and friends, separating people from their jobs. In a very short time ‘The Wall’ (or ‘Anti-Fascist Protective Rampart’) separated much more than this, as the symbol of the Cold War it separated the world, capitalism on one side, communism on the other.

I had the fortune to be at the Berlin Wall Memorial today. It was great to see that hundreds of people had turned out to learn about what happened and to pay their respects to those that were either killed as a direct result of trying to flee to the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) or to those who were otherwise affected.

Much of The Wall has disappeared today, been auctioned off, turned to gravel or completely developed over. I think this attitude shows us that Germany has outwardly moved on from being a divided country, though the turnout for the memorial could also show that there is still perhaps an internal struggle.

That’s why I chose the above photo for today –  old parts of The Wall, abandoned and unwanted, left to rot so close to where they were once part of one of the most terrifying structures on earth.

Berlin Wall Memorial 22-11-10