by jonnywhitlam


So this is the new sign I have to keep my eyes out for around Berlin. I’ve been a little underwhelmed with the Vegetarian August idea so far, the idea was it took me to new places to try new things. Well, that happened today as I accidentally stumbled across the Turkish Market on Maybach Ufer that friends have been trying to get me to for ages.



Fresh food everywhere, crafts and a very crowded location make the market a really exciting place for all the senses, and it gave me a chance to sample a few things I don’t normally go for. I ended up getting the cheese-filled olives pictured below to bring to a friend’s before dinner.

So much to choose from...

This one please...

The market’s a great place to be and I’m fairly thrilled I found it on a day off I didn’t really expect to have, whilst working on a project that I was losing interest in photographically. Hopefully the remaining three weeks make me discover more things like this.