by jonnywhitlam

The Rush.

I come from a small village. The kind of village where changing the speed limit on a road that maybe sees 20 cars per day requires a letter sent to every member of the community. I actually consider this a great thing. However I now live in a major European city. One of the best things about this is that there is always something going on. In fact, it’s much rarer that I have nothing to do of a day than I do three or four things.

Berlin is busy. People have places to be, buildings have to be built, trains are ridden, trams are mounted, tourists have to gawp, Berliners have to moan and money has to be made everywhere at any time. I’d love to say that that’s what I tried to capture in this photo, but truth be told it’s what I think I captured by accident. When I took this picture I had just myself finished work, meeting two other people, on the way to a work meeting. Busy. Always.

A serendipitous moment, a fleeting moment in a busy day. Trams, trains, construction, people.

P.S. How many trams need to go to S Hackescher Markt?