Neukölln in Black and White

by jonnywhitlam


Having been in England for even a few days I’ve missed berlin, specifically Neukölln. It’s a great area that really shows a lot about what I really love from Berlin. No one really accuses the area of being beautiful, but that’s not to say it’s not interesting by any means. It’s a great thing about Berlin… outside the tourist-centre it’s not a city obsessed with being the most beautiful in europe. However it definitely has its own charm.

Bikes. Again.

I don’t know what it is about bikes that always makes me photograph them, but as Berlin is such a flat place bikes are everywhere. For me I guess they symbolise a more relaxed attitude to life, life with a bike is a life without car ownership, tax and insurance. The lack of these things in one’s life is a benefit for the mind I reckon.

On the way to Tempelhof.

I always forget the name of this street, but it leads up to the Tempelhof field. At this time of day (about 7pm) the light hits it in a stunning way, with the sunlight making it through whatever gaps in the trees and between the buildings it can. Tempelhof itself looked pretty stunning as well:


Even though it’s not a particularly warm day (especially for August) there were a load of enthusiastic people out there running themselves ragged in this fantastic park. Even though Tempelhof is in Schöneberg I included it in this post since it’s so close to everything else I’ve shown.

It’s good to be home.