by jonnywhitlam

I come from England. We are not famous for our food. This is something English people don’t understand, we love our food. It’s not all roast beef or fish and chips (and I agree with the rest of the world – fish and chips is disgusting). However, believe it or not English people have taste buds too. This is why the most popular food in England is none of the above, it is of course… Curry. Loads of British people refer to it as Indian food, however I’m not sure how much someone from India would appreciate or even recognise the stuff we eat so it would be more polite to call it ‘inspired by’ Indian food. Here’s a photo of the Balti I had.

This was the first time I got food envy as well… I was eating with my parents on one of the rare occasions I’m back from Berlin and my mum had lamb. That’s not to say the vegetable curry I had wasn’t nice though. Part of this project is for me to be discovering new foods, and this dish certainly achieved that. Cauliflower, mushrooms, potato and first time in a curry for me – Boiled Eggs. Vegetarianism contains way more eggs than I anticipated.