Biking Neukölln

by jonnywhitlam

The Monster.

Yes, I have a million other things going on with the Vegetarian August project running this month, and the I ♡ Berlin one running alongside that. So there are probably better ways to use my time than creating even more spurious side projects. However, I was kind of inspired by my egg-frying video so I thought I’d have a go at something a little more dynamic.

I attached my DSLR to my bike using a Gorilla Pod, and then because I knew a lot of the footage would be ludicrously bumpy and warped I decided to use my Lensbaby to just add to the effect. The idea was to create something that looked interesting rather than to create an accurate representation of where my bike was going. I found that following where I was going though, wasn’t quite interesting enough so I interspersed those shots with various close-ups and goings on. I decided to finish the video with a couple of shots of just chilling out by the canal. I have no idea who the guy at the end is. I hope he sees this. Enjoy!