More Love for Berlin

by jonnywhitlam

The idea is you put whatever you want in the heart, whatever (or whoever) that is.

I’ve been doing more of these photos as I’ve been going round my daily business in Berlin. I’ve been trying to do everything with my point-and-shoot camera as this is supposed to be a project everyone can get involved with… but I had my DSLR on me for a bit so I did a couple with that too.

It’s a very different project with me, because I guess it’s more about the idea rather than the subjective quality of the photography as a single piece of art, more about the collection than the individual photo.

Anyway, scroll down for the rest.

No summer for Berlin.

Best hangover cure there is. I've not been around Germany at all, only Berlin. So for me, it's a Berlin thing.

I love the TV Tower!

This London bus got a bit lost in RAW.

My absolute favourite place in town to get a burger. Pannierstraße. Do it.

This always makes me smile when I walk by.