I ♡ Berlin Test Run

by jonnywhitlam

I always seem to take photos on this bridge, and this was a good fit.

So after a couple of months of having the idea I finally got the ‘I ♡’ project off the ground. Today was the first lot of pictures to see if the concept really works, it seems to, they’ve had an ok reaction so far, so I think the whole thing’s got legs. It’s a shame that even though we’re at the end of July summer seems to have left Germany already, we’ve been blessed with these tedious grey skies and this dull, flat light for about a week now, but I hope you enjoy round 1 of the photos anyway.

Check them out below.




Brandenburg Gate

Hackescher Markt



So the idea is these cards can eventually be mass produced and sold for charity. If you’re in Berlin and you want to help out or get involved just swing me a message. I’ll get you your own ‘I ♡ Berlin’ card so your photos can join mine on here.