The I ♡ Project

by jonnywhitlam

Getting to work.

I was lucky enough to have my first ever photography exhibition open in June. This was a kind of dream of mine and I absolutely loved living it out, it means that when I tell people I’m a photographer I’m not just self-aggrandising but that there is now a certain element of truth to what I’m saying. But the term ‘photographer’ is incredibly broad. I have no interest in taking photos of someone’s wedding or corporate event, it’s not the work I look for or even remotely enjoy. So I would guess that my view has changed from considering myself a photographer to considering myself an artist. An artist that works in a medium that is one of the most accessible in modern society. Almost everyone has a camera, most people have one on them at all times on their phone or laptop, some people carry a point-and-shoot, people like my stomp around with a bag full of lenses almost every day of the week, and I’d struggle to find anyone I know that’s never been in or taken a photograph.

This leads me to my next project. I came up with the idea a couple of months ago. I work in tourism, I am a tour guide and hopefully give people a valuable experience during their stay in Berlin. But I am, and always have been, fascinated with tourist tat. Especially over-the-top processed, stretched and pixellated postcards. This probably comes out of some form of jealousy that people aren’t buying my photos, but anyway, the idea:

Ambitious amount considering cutting those hearts out is really fiddly.

I’ve taken the ubiquitous ‘I ♥’ postcard and decided to cut that lovely red heart out. This creates a postcard with a little heart-shaped window. I want to go out around Berlin and take photos with whatever it is I like about Berlin, or what speaks about Berlin to me inside of the heart.

Time for the curved nail-scissors.

If I like the results I’ll make a few more and give them to some photographer-friends and stick my email address on the back so they can send me the best photos so I can put them all up on this website as an ongoing art project.


Then I want to monetise it. Not for my own profit though, I want to sell these for 50 cents or so, encourage higher donations, whatever, and donate all the proceeds to charity. Hopefully this way I’ll be able to get some sponsors involved, get some mass-production done (cutting them out wasn’t easy) and get the postcards out to as many people as people, raising some money for a good cause and posting all the results on a new website specific for the project.

This is a long-term idea, I’ve no idea how it’ll turn out or if it’ll work at all, but hopefully it’ll be alright.