by jonnywhitlam


If you’ve been to this site before you’ve probably seen the above photo as it’s been my header image for quite a while. I feel it’s a little different to the photos I normally do. For starters it breaks a couple of the golden ‘photography rules’, such as the rule of thirds or the idea that an image shouldn’t really appear totally flat as this one does. However I chose it for my Social Spaces exhibition for a couple of reasons. For starters I think this shows people the real decay of these abandoned spaces, it’s simple things such as the overall flatness of the image and the sockets at the bottom that for me remind me of looking at an empty wall in a new flat, or a spare room or whatever. It adds that homely touch when the destruction and neglect in the scene is simultaneously so dominant.

Furthermore it was images such as this one that made me name it ‘Social Spaces’, tying three themes together with one name wasn’t an easy decision, which is why I ultimately came up with what I find a fairly bland name. But it was the idea that this was once someone’s bedroom, office, interrogation centre, store room or whatever that drew me to the idea that my photography explored the ideas of social spaces, before I had to stick it all in an exhibition this idea had never crossed my mind at all, that all my work was in some way linked. I guess spending three years studying Politics and Sociology meant that somewhere beneath it all I had a desire to analyse the way people work and interact beyond academic constraints.

If you’re in Berlin and would like to visit the exhibition it is on at Speakeasy Sprachzeug language school, 116 Boxhagener Str. Berlin (Nearest U-Bahn is Frankfurter Tor.) from June 24 until August 28. If you would like to buy a print of this or any other photo please feel free to send me an email (see contact).