Inside the Soviet Barracks

by jonnywhitlam

Inside the Soviet Barracks

I’ve written about Krampnitz a couple of times before. It’s one of my absolute favourite abandoned places I’ve visited for the sheer sense of history you get walking around here. I visited this place with another tour guide, so both of us having a good grounding in our German and Cold War history. We deduced from the different architectural styles that this building was likely to be constructed by the Soviets, rather than Nazis. This is because it was built in the prefabricated style that became very popular in the 1960s. This building was 6 blocks across, 4 blocks up, each floor in each of the buildings had exactly the same layout, a small kitchen, a couple of bedrooms and so on. So I can say with some confidence but not with an absolute certainty that the Soviets used this as their barracks.

The reason I chose this photo for my Social Spaces exhibition is that it shows the absolute destruction such places go through after they’ve been abandoned, and of course the reason this place was abandoned can be drawn back directly to the politics of the late 1980s and the peaceful revolution that took place not just in East Germany, but in many countries all over Eastern Europe. Aside from this I love the way that the lines in the photo converge, giving to me the impression that it looks like the windows and blinds are trying to explode out into the room.

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