The Rain in Copenhagen

by jonnywhitlam

I’d only planned on doing the one update from here in Copenhagen and then getting back to focusing on Berlin. But today I witnessed a storm unlike any other I’ve ever seen in this city. Taking refuge in Kongens Nytorv Metro station (one of the busiest) I was able to watch the Danes and tourists cope with the extreme weather situation too.

Kongens Nytorv Station

First I was caught in Christianshavn Station, but it was only one stop over to where I needed to be, so absolutely drenched I made my way over. When I arrived I discovered that I was not only the only one not ready to brave the storm outdoors. Check out the rain water falling down to the train platform next to the escalators.

This poor lady was soaked like so many others.

Soon after realising that we’d set up camp a friend and I decided to start taking pictures of people coming into the Metro station out of the rain. It started out as simply observing major forms of rain-drenched people, but soon enough the Danes moved towards the creative element.

Bin Bag Man

This guy was absolutely hilarious, we fell about laughing as he came in to the station, but he didn’t seem to be having as good a time as we were.

Bin Bag Lady

This lady was a little more creative, and even had the good grace to pose despite really not wanting to. Got to admire that famous Danish style, eh?

Puddle Splashing!

When I was very little my dad used to take my sister and I ‘puddle splashing’ – sticking your wellies on and going jumping in the puddles. This would have been absolutely ideal. This wasn’t even outside, it was in the Station.

Back to Berlin updates tomorrow hopefully.