Big Trees!

by jonnywhitlam

Große Bäume

I really love this photo, not just for the fact that it shows some abnormally large trees down a street in Kreuzberg I can’t seem to find again, but because of the space I was in mentally when I took it. I’d been out the night before, it was some time around my birthday (maybe the day after, I can’t really remember this time of the year). I had a huge hangover, but a friend and I decided to go for a short walk. This turned into a 4 hour trek checking out the sites around Kreuzberg and eventually heading over the waters to Friedrichshain to spend another sun-filled afternoon at Yaam. Basically this was a picture of a really good day.

If you would like to visit the exhibition it is on at Speakeasy Sprachzeug language school, 116 Boxhagener Str. Berlin (Nearest U-Bahn is Frankfurter Tor.) from June 24 until August 28. If you would like to buy a print of this or any other photo please feel free to send me an email (see contact).