by jonnywhitlam

Schillingstraße, centre of town.

This is Schillingstraße, right in the heart of Berlin’s Mitte district. It really speaks a lot about Berlin’s unique character. Berlin isn’t really like other European capitals, it has the big-name credentials of places like London and Paris, but it doesn’t have anywhere near the same population, money or attitude. It’s a far more relaxed place. We’re increasingly being told it’s a far more ‘cool’ place. It’s a place I love. Not just for the partying, the super-low cost of living and the weird and wonderful people, I love because places like in this photo. This is the centre of town. The London equivalent would be a couple of streets away from something like Nelson’s column, yet here in Berlin we’ve got a few quiet DDR-style apartment buildings, an empty road, only one shop on the street. To me it’s a bit nuts, but I love it. Berlin feels a little bit broken, but it works just fine. This is what I’ve tried to show in this picture, with the two benches that don’t match, the construction work behind it, and beyond that, even right in the middle of the city, just some sleepy apartments.

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