Canals – Neukölln

by jonnywhitlam

Spring hit Berlin so people headed for the sun.

This is one of my favourite photos coming up in the exhibition. Unlike most of the other pictures I’ve chosen it doesn’t have much historical relevance to speak of. It shows a side of my life in Berlin. Simply put, it shows a great place to chill out.

I moved to Berlin in November of last year. Very soon after I started working as a tour guide, stuck out there in the German winter. The coldest day I took a group out it was -15 ºC (5 ºF). Despite the abysmal weather I absolutely loved my new job and the new city I had at my feet waiting to be discovered. Still though, everyone harped on about how great the Berlin summer is.

Spring seemed to come pretty quickly, and with it a few uncharacteristically warm days. When the warm weather arrived everyone crept out of Berlin’s bars, grabbed some beer from their nearest späti (‘late shops’) and parked themselves in front of the sun.

Despite having lived in Berlin for a while by this point, I’d hardly ever visited the canal, only 5 minutes walk from my flat. So with the good weather my flatmates and I took a walk down the road. Now clearly I got pretty lucky, because as we were about to head over the bridge back home we were greeted by the scene above.

It’s places like this, with the new cafés, bars and shops around the ‘Kreuzkölln‘ (South Kreuzberg/North Neukölln) area that have given this part of town the reputation as not only the new ‘coolest part of Berlin’, but the coolest place in Europe. I fell into Kreuzkölln by accident, after leaving Britain due to unemployment I was offered a great room through a friend. It’s all luck I guess, but I’m definitely glad I landed in Kreuzkölln.

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