by jonnywhitlam

With the focus point in the centre, the whole photo seems to converge on this point.

Having been doing a lot of stuff at abandoned places such as Krampnitz, Beelitz and Teufelsberg lately, it has been nice to step out of ‘history’ and take a look at modern Berlin again by doing something a little different.

Read on for more results from the weird lens.

I’ve been doing it through a new eye, as (in part thanks to my new job) I treated myself to a lensbaby. The lensbaby is a bit odd, but essentially it creates pretty weird images through ‘selective focus’.

You tilt the front end of the lens to choose where the image will focus, creating much stranger images than simply using a wide aperture. A really great thing about the lensbaby is that it forces you into fully manual mode – the lens communicates no information whatsoever to DSLR cameras, so shutter speed and ISO have to be set in-camera, while tiny discs are manually placed in front of the lens (held with magnets) to change the aperture. It’s a completely different approach to what I’m used to, seemingly blending the more considered approach of analog photography to the ease-of-use of digital photography. I’m not exactly the most competent with the hardware as yet, but here’s some of the results I’m more proud of.

If you’re into Lomography or so-called ‘toy-cameras’, the lensbaby marries that vibe to modern digital photography quite nicely, and in a much more engaging way than simply adding some photoshop filters. So, if you’re feeling brave I wholeheartedly recommend you take the plunge.

With an especially wide aperture (2.0 or 2.8) the effect is intensified.

Mitte, Berlin

Back to photographing bicycles again...

The busy Hackescher Markt S-Bahn station.

Heart of Mitte, Friedrichstrasse.