by jonnywhitlam

The facade of the old psychiatric hospital.

It’s like something from a horror movie: a 19th century psychiatric hospital, a place Hitler and Honecker were treated, a place that fell under Nazi and Soviet control and was eventually abandoned in the year 1995. It is an especially creepy place, but unlike most of the abandoned buildings in and around Berlin, a place of striking traditional beauty as well.

I was lucky enough to visit in near-perfect light, but unlucky enough to have forgotten my tripod. Another trip is definitely coming up soon. Click through for the photos.

The train station, literally right next to the abandoned buildings. Very easy to get to.

The verandas are far and away my favourite part of the building. So tranquil.

Inside the main entrance (not the window I had to climb through). You get a real sense of how grand this place must have been at the turn of the 20th century.

The long, echoing hallways define 'eery'.

Surprisingly colourful.

The buildings have been left so long, and been through so much over the past 100 years you can't help but wonder what stories could be told here.

There was a distinct feeling of loneliness and decay here, but history and adventure as well.

Parts of the walls have either caved in or been destroyed.

A fairly bleak view. Beautiful though the buildings were, I found the light to be the most inspiring thing.

One of my favourites of the day, the feelings of abandonment and loneliness really come out here.

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