Going Back, Moving Forward

by jonnywhitlam

New lens, but back to basics.

So I’ve been quite slow on updating this site since moving to Berlin – but that’s because moving here was never really anticipated, everything’s kind of just happened not only at the last minute, but at a fairly break-neck pace. In 29 days I’ve got a job, found somewhere to live, set myself up as a freelancer, been scared by Ikea, taken loads of photos, joined a band, learnt a 4 hour tour and bought a kettle. It’s all been pretty exciting stuff. Especially the kettle, I just got that today.

But one thing that’s really stuck in my head is that all these ‘new experiences’ are things I either loved doing anyway, or had stopped doing for whatever reason. So it’s odd: Berlin is great because it’s offering everything that’s new to me, but at the same time I’m just doing what I’ve always done, eating the food I always eat…just in new surroundings with new people.

What really made me think about this today was something quite unexpected. I bought myself a new lens with a focal length of 28mm. I know, boring, right? Well, the camera I discovered photography through properly wasn’t so amazing when it came to zooming, it became less and less capable the further you zoomed in. So I essentially locked it at 28mm, and for the best part of a year that was the focal length I took all my pictures at. It was how I discovered the ins and outs of photography; depth of field, composition etc. Since changing over to a DSLR I’ve never found myself forced to this focal length, so have never thought to use it, until I saw this lens today and thought I should give it a go.

This is what made me look at everything else I’ve been doing. I’ve been learning history and politics, just as I have always done, I’ve made some moves into getting into a band for the first time in 4 years, and I’ve eaten a load of pasta. So it’s a strange situation. Sometimes things feel like progress, but don’t look like it.

Either way, I’m loving Berlin.

P.S at the time of writing wordpress was having a little fit about uploading photos. So, next time I guess, ’til then check out the Flickr links on the right.